Welcome to the Website"Military Vehicles of the Allied Forces in Berlin 1945-1994". Here you get an overview of the topic allied forces in Berlin and the book and if you are interested you can easily order one or more copies online.

The "Allied Forces in Berlin" - a period of Berlin's history is over. For almost 50 years the different nations of the Allies shaped the image of the city in their sectors.

Especially in West-Berlin you were able to observe their transition from victors to protectors almost day by day. For most Berliners the Allies were present in the daily life of their city trough their military vehicles only.

Over the years vehicles like Jeep, Dodge and GMC became synonyms for liberation, relief, friendship and peace.

Many a generation of Berlin families watched these vehicles, climbed on them, took pictures and took rides during visits at the Open Houses.

This book wants to keep these memories alive and wants to express the gratitude of the Berliners.

Good bye, Fare well, Au Revoir, Do swidanija."